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More Info on the Upcoming Course, Eliminate Anxiety Naturally:
Watch this entire video for registration information and to learn about what's included in this course.
Having Less Anxiety Will Make a Big Difference
Many of my clients have repeatedly told me how much their life changed as a
result of learning the tools I teach in this course.
Some of the Benefits they reported were as follows:
 •    Turned fear into freedom: when you’re not crippled by fear, you have an ability to see beyond the box, giving you more options than you previously thought you had

•    Able to be a more loving parent and spouse: moving beyond anxiety means that compassion and care, for yourself and others, comes more readily

•    Turned overwhelm into focused attention on what matters: overwhelm has a way of cluttering our minds, whereas feeling calm can help us to focus on the things that are important

•    Learned to develop a positive attitude: when we are not feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, seeing the ‘bright side’ comes much easier

•    Restored self-worth: when we have an ability to see ourselves beyond that small fragile being, we can also see that we have much to offer the world

•    More relaxation in the mind and body: a feeling of relaxation helps all of our mental and physiological processes to function better, including having a deeper sleep, and better gut health

•    Learned how to enjoy each moment as it comes: when we feel more relaxed, we are able to see the pleasure in each moment, as opposed to only seeing the dark clouds of things that feel heavy and burdensome

•    Improved decision-making abilities: when we are feeling lighter, we are able to see a range of possibilities, rather than the worst case scenario

•    Felt less exhausted all the time: when we manage stress and anxiety with ease, we sleep more soundly, and awaken feeling more refreshed

•    Peace of mind no matter what came your way: when we train our mind how to relax, we can allow that feeling of relaxation to permeate every area of our life, regardless of the inevitable ups and downs life has to offer
The Cost of Having Anxiety
I think you already know too well what these are, but let's name a few here:
  •  Repeated sleepless nights rendering you challenged with everyday to-do's
  •  Low self-care: even simple things feel like too much, so your needs go to the bottom of the list
  •  Constant feeling of being overwhelmed, even the basics feel like too much
  •  Feeling an inability to move forward in your life
  •  Totally unfocused, mental clarity feels like a dream
  •  You overreact to seemingly minor things
  •  You constantly feel fearful, and/or disheartened
  •  Balancing many different priorities feels difficult
  •  Constantly feeling exhausted

Lyle Tweedy

"Sahaj is an amazing guide and I am forever grateful"

Wow. I feel amazing after my last session with Sahaj…and within my first two sessions she quickly identified factors in my lifestyle that were impacting my ability to deal with the day to day stressors of a very intense high-tech career.

Mostly she has shown me that when you start to feel well on the inside, that you can take on the biggest challenges of life without being worn out and overwhelmed.

When you have a wise loving soul willing to put her energies into showing you where and how to find the path to wellness for what you and your needs and abilities are at any given time... that is priceless.

Alison Wolfe

"Sahaj has become a valuable teacher to me"

I met Sahaj at a conference and was inspired by her mission to help others achieve inner peace in their daily lives...I wanted to get some of this for myself, so I signed up to work with her!

Sahaj is an insightful teacher and coach and has a gift for understanding where people are in and out of balance.

She helped me to achieve a new understanding of a chronic health problem I had been struggling with.

Sahaj has become a valuable teacher to me and I look forward to hearing more from her in the years to come.

Sharon Lazette

"I trust in Sahaj's ability to make hard times, easier, always."

I have known Sahaj for many years professionally, and also as a friend. She has helped me get through a number of life challenges.

With her guidance I have moved through relationship changes, leaving an old job, and starting a new company. She has been there every step of the way. I have been very grateful for her attentive ear and great tips to help me transition. 

Ashley S

"Working with Sahaj has had a lasting impact on my life!"

 Working with Sahaj motivated me to eat healthier and more consciously. The personalized breath-work program helped me release tension and re-connect with my heart and soul.

Having created this solid foundation for physical, mental and emotional health and well-being greatly complimented the additional, focused birth preparations that we did together.  When the moment arrived to bring my daughter in this world, Sahaj had given me the tools I needed to have a very empowered and natural birth which is everything I could have hoped and wished for.

Working with Sahaj has made a lasting impact on my life and that of my new baby girl, Sofia. Copyright 2019   |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms & Conditions

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